Life Skills

We offer:

  • Community-supported living services to aid in self-directing services and act as a guide in managing services such as IRIS and other managed care organizations. See more detail on our Support Brokerage page.

Foundations has a specially-built program for each Life Skills member we support. Many of these persons with disabilities struggle with day-to-day tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, and managing their own transportation. These life skills can become difficult to manage and frustrate both the person struggling and their loved ones. We foster the growth of our clients and strengthen their independence. We encourage socialization through active involvement in the community.

College Friends


Socialization is key to being a success at life and in employment. You can expect close one-on-one time with our staff, who will work through difficulties in socializing step by step. We can merge these lessons into how to act appropriately in the workplace for those who want to move forward into vocational development.


Community Access

We want to see our clients out in the community, starting from our downtown Sheboygan location!

This includes:

  • Shopping

  • Reading maps or using a GPS for directions

  • Using public transportation

  • Seeking out volunteer work

  • Prevocational: mock interviews, career development, behavioral expectations in a work environment, preparing resume and job applications

Chef Tools.jpg

Meal Planning and Preparation

Our meal planning and preparation begins with discussion on healthy foods and sampling and taste testing of new foods, then deciding upon a recipe. 
Next, we offer a live cooking class conducted by a professionally trained chef. Students will learn simple meal preparation skills and cooking techniques with a wide variety of foods to create balanced, healthy  meals. This is a hands-on class. Adaptive equipment may be used.

Math Class


We work together to plan out a budget for each outing we make, using flyers and the internet, including:

  • Grocery shopping

  • Buying supplies for hobbies

  • Restaurants or coffee shops

  • Buying clothes for job opportunities and otherwise


Computer Skills

Work with our technologically talented staff to use the computer in meaningful ways. 

  • Learn to check and respond to emails

  • Set up and use a calendar online

  • Look up events and information for community activities

  • Research information and news online

  • Utilize transportation software to access the community

Cleaning Equipment


We guide our clients through household upkeep every day. This includes:

  • Sweeping and mopping the floors

  • Wiping down tables and counters

  • Washing dishes and putting them away

  • Laundry on premises

Man Getting a Haircut

Physical Presentation

We want to see our clients put their best foot forward, in life and in the workforce!

This includes:

  • Keeping hair brushed and clean

  • Taking consistent showers

  • Appropriate clothes for the situation

  • Care of facial hair or wearing of makeup



We believe that true health involves mind, body, and spirit. We explore many ways to maintain optimal health.

  • Exercise routines are developed by our clients with the help of staff.

  • Some choose to buy gym memberships.

  • Yoga.

  • Stress relief and positive thinking.

  • Managing medical conditions with the help of staff.


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